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There are different ways how to participate in the OpenRepGrid project. The two major branches are the development of the wiki and the development of the OpenRepGrid R package. These two branches are supposed to be connected. Explanations in the wiki about a certain analysis type should be accompanied by the packages ability to perform the analysis as well as by a detailled explanation of how to do that.


Overview of ways to participate

  • Write about new topics concerning repertory grids or improve existing articles
  • Create and improve documentation and tutorials of how to use the R package and the wiki
  • Pimp the wiki itself (stlye, features etc.) if you are familiar with MediaWikis

R package
  • Make suggestions for new package features
  • Report bugs and issues
  • Implement and test new features
  • Join the development team
  • Help maintaining the R package

Developing the wiki

Adding articles

This wiki is far from being complete. There are a lot of topics in the literature that have not covered by the OpenRepGrid wiki yet. Please feel free to contribute if you feel that something is missing. In order to edit the wiki need to get an account and you should read through the wiki how-to tutorial first.

Administrating the Wiki

As default every user gets read and write permission to most areas of the wiki. If you are interested in The current list of administrators

Developing the OpenRepGrid R package

Development team

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