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To start using OpenRepGrid you need to go through three steps: You need to 1) install R 2) install the package 3) load the package. The video guide at the bottom also shows how to do that.

Installing R

The prerequisite for installing the OpenRepGrid package is that R has been installed on your computer. R can be downloaded from the CRAN server for all three big operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Please follow the installation instructions on the R website. After installing R you can proceed.

Installing the package

Once R is installed you need to install the OpenRepGrid R package on your computer. This is a standard step that has to be done for any additional R package you would like to use. As there are over 3000 R packages available, the R base system only has the basic packages installed by default. There are several options how to do the installing. The simplest is to install the package via the R menu (steps 1 to 3).

Alternatively you may also use the R command line to install the package. Just type in the following code:

install.packages("OpenRepGrid", dependencies=TRUE)

The installation has to be done once. Afterwards the package is stored on your computer and can be used by R.

Loading the package

Given that R and the package are installed on your computer you can start using its features. To do this, we need to tell R to load the package. This is a step you have do do each time when opening R. As there might be a lot of packages installed on your computer for memory optimization reasons R will only load the most important ones automatically. If you want to use any of the other packages (like e.g. OpenRepGrid) you need to tell R to load the additional package to be ready for use.

To load the openrepgrid package type:


That's it, now you can start analyzing your grids.

Video guide

Development version

The version of the package hosted on CRAN is a checked release. The latest development version is hosted at github. To install the latest github version of the package with the features currently under development you can install the package from source. To do this you need to follow three steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of R installed.
  2. Make sure the following packages are installed. If not install them by typing
    install.packages(c("colorspace", "plyr", "abind", "rgl", "psych", "XML"))
    or via the R menu.
  3. To download and install the OpenRepGrid development version from github you can use a function from the devtools package.
install_github("OpenRepGrid", "markheckmann") 
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