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2014-09-14: The documentation website has moved! Please visit and to access the most up-to-date project information and documentation on the OpenRepGrid project and R package.


OpenRepGrid project. The Repertory Grid (also grid or repgrid) is a method that originated from Personal Construct Psychology. It is applied in different academic and practical fields (clinical psychology, market research etc.). The project has two goals: 1) to provide a software for the analysis of repertory grids and 2) a platform for comprehensive explanation around grids and the software.

OpenRepGrid software. The software is called OpenRepGrid and is a ‘plug-in’ for the free R software. The software is free and Open Source and will run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. In a first phase of its development the software will be a command line tool. In a second phase a graphical user interface will be added. Features for administration of grids are currently not part of the project.

OpenRepGrid Wiki. The Wiki you are visiting right now is a place for comprehensive explanation on grid analysis in general on how to use the software. It will contain (video) tutorials and explanations with the aim to guide you through the analysis process.

Collaborative project. The OpenRepGrid project is supposed to be an endeavor of ‘collaborative construing’. Anyone who is interested in developing the software or the Wiki is invited to join. We hope that many participators will make it a tool fulfilling the needs of the community.

Why an R plug-in? R is an Open Source framework for statistical programming. It provides a strong basis to build OpenRepGrid upon. One the one hand it's syntax is simple allowing people who like to collaborate to quickly join in. This means that with a bit of effort almost any calculations you might come up with can be implemented easily and be provided to other scientists and users around the world.

  • June 2012: OpenRepGrid presented at the 11th EPCA conference in Dublin, Ireland (Slides)
  • July 2011: first release version is available for download on CRAN
  • May 2011: the alpha version is available for download
  • February 2011: 2nd video on progress in package development
  • January 31st, 2011: Wiki is now accessible via toplevel domain
  • December 2010: 1st video on progress in package development
  • August 31st, 2010: Wiki is set up on sublevel domain at Universtity of Bremen, Germany
  • July 30th, 2010: Start of the OpenRepGrid project

Getting started
Quick tour.png

To get started on you can take the quick tour. It will give you an overview of the project website and the OpenRepGrid R package.

Get OpenRepGrid
OpenRepGrid is an add-on package for the open source statistical programming language R. Here you will be guided through the few simple steps of how to install R (free software) and the OpenRepGrid package.
How to participate

The OpenRepGrid project is thought to be a collaborative effort. On the projects website you will find several ways to participate in the development of the project. You can e.g. contribute to the Wiki, make suggestions for new features for the R package, program new functions to be included in the package, join the development team etc. Here you can find out about how to participate.

Get Wiki account
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To participate in the creation of the Wiki please create an account!. To use or download the OpenRepGrid R package you do not need an account, it is only needed for editing the Wiki. To prevent destructive behaviour or spamming accounts are confirmed manually. Please bear with the administrator if it takes a while.

Currently 11 users registered on

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