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This page gives an overview over the features currently implemented in the OpenRepGrid R package. Note that the most accurate list of features in always found in the documentation of the R package itself. We try to keep this list up-to-date though.

As the package development is an ongoing process there might be forms of analysis that have not yet been implemented. If you miss any features please make a suggestion for a new features or for an enhancement or modification of an old features under the bullet point Suggestions / Issues in the navigation sidebar.


Single grid


Loading and saving data

  • Import data files from other grid programs and standard formats [more]
  • Saving a grid [more]

Analyzing constructs

  • Descriptive statistics of constructs [more]
  • Construct correlations [more]
  • Distances between constructs [more]
  • Root mean square of inter-construct correlations [more]
  • Somers' D [more]
  • Principal component analysis (PCA) of construct correlation matrix [more]
  • Cluster analysis of constructs [more]

Analyzing elements

  • Descriptive statistics of elements [more]
  • Element correlations [more]
  • Distances between elements [more]
  • Slater and Hartmann distance [more]
  • Normalized Hartmann distance [more]
  • Cluster analysis of elements [more]

Visual representation

Index measures

Special features

  • Align constructs [more]
  • Reorder grid by polar angles in 2D [more]

Multiple grids

Different forms to compare grids or analyse multiple grids have been devised. Multiple grid analysis is not yet available.

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