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On this page you can make suggestions for the development of new features or changes in the wiki. Also you can report issues. Please read the insctructions before adding a new request.

For a steady enhancement of the package it is necessary that the users utter their wishes for new features, for modifications of old ones and report bugs if discovered. If you feel that a feature is missing, there are various ways to get active. You can make a description of the feature you would like to have implemented. The description should comprise:

  • a clear and not too short description of the feature
  • a short theoretical explanation including literature references, formulas etc.
  • R code if you have written some

The goal will be that there is a page like for the other features where theoretical explanation and R code are found.



  • If one has lots of constructs, then the diagram view e.g. of the Bertin cluster is not sufficient as the construct poles are hardly readable any longer. Therefore, a scroll bar would be very nice (best for both dimensions).
  • A command for showing all possible repgrid commands would be much appreciated. If this already possible via R, then please describe it at the end of the installation description.

New Tutorials

  • Adding a tutorial for basic grid manipulations in R

New Features

Bertin and standard output: Currently no information about the triads or dyads used for elicitation is provided. It would be nice if each data entry in on row was added some sign, so the grid matrix wouzld already carry the information about the elements used for elicitation at a first glance. (cf.

Grid indexes and measures. The order reflects priority for implementation.

  • Cognitive Complexity (Bieri, 1955)
  • PVAFF - Percentage of variance accounted for by first factor
  • Intensity score (cf. Adams-Webber, 1979)
  • Functionally Independent Construction (FIC) (Landfield, 1977)
  • Extremity Score (see Bonarius, 1977, for a review)
  • Conflict analysis (Sheehan, 1981)
  • Uncertainty score
  • Conflict, contradiction and inconsistency measures
  • Polarization (Neimeyer & Feixas, 1992)


Each function in OpenRepGrid is supposed to be documented on the Wiki. On the documentation page there is a tab called discussion on the upper right. In order to install a quality management procedure for the project, the discussion page is used to keep track about issues and the current status of the function development. So, if you find an issue, post it here and also make a note on the function's dicussion page.


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