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This page contains a brief tutorial about the basics of editing this wiki. As this wiki uses the mediawiki engine (just like Wikipedia) you will find ample information and tutorials on the web (e.g. here) if this page does not explain what you are looking for. In most cases the best way to get going is top copy the syntax from an existing page. To do that you just need to click on the edit tab on the upper right and copy the code.


Basic elements

How to include images: [1]

Message boxes on top of page

For the development of the wiki it is useful to supply information to the other users about the status of a certain page. There are a few templates you can insert at the top of a page to make a point. Please note that the discussion about the subject ALWAYS takes place on the corresponding discussion page (see tab discussion), NEVER on the article page itself. The following message boxes have been implemented:

Template unreferenced.png
This article does not cite any or enough references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

If you find there is the need for a new message box, please create a new tempplate message box. To do that you start a new page called Template:Name_of_the_Message. Then just copy the code from another template, e.g. Template:Unreferenced and modify the content accordingly.

Entering mathematical formulas

This wiki allows to enter and display formulas. To enter formauls you have to use the syntax you may know from LaTex. This is exactly the same Wikipedia uses. Here you find a huge set of examples of how to use the syntax. Some small examples will also be given below.

To display a formula the LaTex code has to be wrapped inside the following tags <math> ... some LaTex code </math>. Examples:

LaTeX code Rendered result
<math>\alpha</math> α
<math>\sqrt{2}</math> \sqrt{2}
<math>\sqrt{1-e^2}</math> \sqrt{1-e^2}
 x & y \\
 z & v
 x & y \\
 z & v
<math>\mathbf{XY^{-1}}</math> \mathbf{XY^{-1}}

Entering R code

In order to have the R code displayed nicely syntax highlighting has been implemented. For syntax highlighting a mediawiki extension is used which requires the code you want to show to appear within the following tags: <source lang="C"> ... some R code </source> . Do not wonder about the lang="C" parameter. There is no special highlighting implemented for R. Highlighting rules for C suit our needs for R pretty well though.

# some comments to explain what is happening
c.names <- paste("K", LETTERS[1:20], sep="")		# construct names <- 5						# number of constructs in the system
c.prob <- rep(c(.03,.08), each=10)			# probabilities for each construct beeing evocated
c.prob <- c.prob/sum(c.prob)				# standardizing the probabilities
sample(c.names,, prob=c.prob)

Just like in any other programming language it is good practice to provide comments within the code. This will enable other users to understand what you are doing more easily.

Requesting new Extensions

In case you find that a certain mediawiki extension should be installed, please contact an administrator of and shortly explain what the extension should be used for, i.e. why it is needed.

Remainder: wiki misc

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